Debby is running for Congress because she knows the stakes are too high for our communities to let the Republican status quo go any longer.  With the experience of living in this community for decades as well as fighting right-wing agendas as a county wide elected official, Debby has the right mix of background and roots to stand up for us in Congress.


Debby Kerner is a small business owner and former Vice Chair of the Harris County Department of Education, first elected county wide in 2008.  She is the product of a working class family that struggled at times.  It gave her a perspective that to this day influences her beliefs.


Debby is the owner of Southwest Speech, a private practice in speech and language pathology, helping both children in schools and adults in health care facilities.

Debby is well known in Democratic politics – both as an elected official and as an activist.  She is the current SDEC Senate District 17 Democratic Committeewoman and a co-founder and former president of the Meyerland Area Democrats, one of the largest and most active Democratic Clubs in Harris County.  Texas Senate District 17 makes up a large portion of Congressional District 7.


Debby knows what this community needs because she has been here fighting Republicans and policies that harm our families.  She will be an advocate for all of us as our Congresswoman.


As an advocate for those in need, Debby will represent the 7th Congressional District and hold those in power accountable.